D&D Programs Addressing the Iraq Crisis

Online Deliberation About the War

Ongoing online deliberation and discussion about the war is happening in numerous places. NCDD members E-ThePeople (www.e-thepeople.org) and PoliTalk (www.politalk.com) are two excellent venues for ongoing e-conversations about the conflict.

Art Met Dialogue in Richmond Event

A snapshot of Leah Lamb talking to other participants at Animating Democracy's October 2004 National Exchange.

An exciting event took place in Richmond, Virginia on April 10, 2003. The newly-formed Performance Initiative presented PIECING, a dynamic performance installation that joined Richmond filmmakers, performance artists, actors, writers, and dancers in an exploration of American identity, patriotism and protest, with all of the humor, creativity and insight that performance can bring to the challenging issue of military conflict. Describing the event as a community building opportunity, the Performance Initiative (run by NCDD member Leah Lamb) invited attendees to explore their thoughts on war in a facilitated dialogue following the performance. For more information, contact Leah Lamb at 804-306-4614 or [email protected].

Online "Rotisserie" on the War

The Berkman Center's H20 Project is hosting a public online discussion about issues surrounding the war in Iraq. The flow of discussion is moderately heavy, with one question per week and one round every couple of days. The H20 Project is building an "interlocking collection of communities based on the free creation and exchange of ideas." The H20 system uses the "Rotisserie" discussion tool, which encourages measured, thoughtful discourse in a way that that traditional threaded messaging systems do not. http://h2o.law.harvard.edu/ViewProject.do?projectID=82

The H2O project is building an interlocking collection of communities based on the free creation and exchange of ideas. The H2O system currently consists of the Rotisserie structured discussion tool. The Rotisserie implements an innovative approach to online discussion that encourages measured, thoughtful discourse in a way that that traditional threaded messaging systems do not, in the process solving some of the universal complaints about online discussion boards: that the substance of discussions is poor, that participants post quickly rather than thoughtfully, that participation is uneven (most people lurk, and a few posters dominate the rest), and that discussion forums are segregated into balkanized communities of people with similar thoughts and beliefs.

TFF Fosters Online Discussion Via Online Forums and Analysis

The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF), a network of 80 scholars, diplomats and media people around the world, hosts forums, posts news, and provides features such as the Iraqi Photo Series "Faces and Surfaces." In order to help people formulate their own opinions, and provide them with other perspectives on the crisis, TFF's website also offers analyses related to the conflict and the parties involved. www.transnational.org

Meetup.com Brings People Together

Meetup.com is a new, free service that organizes local gatherings about anything, anywhere. 233,084 people have already signed up for Meetups about numerous topics (including war in Iraq). Meetups happen at local cafes (and other places) in 545 cities across 34 countries. People who arrive at the site sign up for local meetings for topics that interest them, and then Meetup does the coordination. Meetup has contacted NCDD to explore how we may be able to work together.

By the People: America in the World

By the People: America in the World (www.by-the-people.org), an initiative of MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, aims to energize and enhance the national conversation on America's role in the world through a series of national and local broadcasts and events that demonstrate the relevance of foreign policy issues to local concerns. The project includes three national PBS specials, two cycles of local programming, national and local forums for civic dialogue, and an interactive web site. NCDD is helping By the People locate practitioners who can facilitate these dialogues across the country when needed.

Discussion at OpenDemocracy.net

London-based OpenDemocracy.net (www.opendemocracy.net) presents arguments, reports and assessments of the core issues - from the difference between a regime change war and humanitarian intervention, to the politics of protest and questions of international criminal justice. Visitors to the site can get involved in an ongoing discussion.

DWCW Online Forum

The Dialogue Webpage for Conflicts Worldwide (www.dwcw.org) is a resource and service for all people interested in conflict and its prevention, and aims to contribute to the improvement of mutual understanding between opposing sides of conflict throughout the world. It is presented by the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention and supported by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. For inquiries, contact Deborah Sharp at [email protected]. Contributions come from across the globe.


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