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Public Agenda Reports that the Public Opinion is Unsettled

According to the September 25, 2003 Public Agenda Alert, public opinion surveys on the war in Iraq continue to return conflicting results on key questions, a classic sign that public attitudes are unsettled on this issue. Basic support for the U.S. presence remains strong, with 67 percent in favor in the latest ABC poll. But public concern over casualties has increased steadily since "major combat" ended in the spring.

Only 22 percent told CBS that the U.S. should send more troops to Iraq in an Aug. 26-28 survey, while 41 percent thought troop levels should be kept the same and 31 percent thought the number of troops should be decreased. The public would be more than happy, however, if other countries would join in. ABC found 85 percent who would support adding international troops to U.S. forces in Iraq, and 55 percent would support an international force even if it meant American troops would be placed under U.N. command.

In general, while surveys found dissatisfaction with how the U.N. handled itself prior to the war, most Americans have always been willing to cede the lead role in setting up an Iraqi government to the U.N. (69 percent were willing to give the U.N. that responsibility in the August CBS poll, compared to 61 percent in April).

Read the full article in Public Agenda's special edition on terrorism, at

TFF Collecting Articles on Iraq

TFF claims to have “collected the best articles for you on world affairs, Iraq and why the US is losing the chance of peace and democracy in Iraq, in particular.” Go to for this library of the conflict and war. Or for their expanded links to the best sites on Iraq.

Public Opinion on the War

Public Agenda, in its March 27, 2003 update, said that a substantial majority of U.S. citizens support the decision to go to war in Iraq. "Yet in the weeks prior to the outbreak of war, opinion surveys showed significant concern about the risks of invasion, with much of the public seeming to hold both pro- and anti-war views simultaneously. Go to or click "read more info" below for the full text of this announcement. Public Agenda's Special Edition on Terrorism is at

Analysis at

London-based presents arguments, reports and assessments of the core issues - from the difference between a regime change war and humanitarian intervention, to the politics of protest and questions of international criminal justice. Visitors to the site can get involved in an ongoing discussion.

Terrorism & Nonviolence

The Boston Research Center for the 21st Century features a variety of articles on the "Perspectives on Terrorism and Nonviolence" page of their website. To access the complete articles or read other perspectives, click on Email [email protected] for more info.


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