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Discussion Guide for World AIDS Day 2007    

I’ve just finished a second round of changes to Peace Tiles’ World AIDS Day 2007 discussion guide, which is ready for download and review. I really, really appreciated the feedback of diligent readers of the first draft - I think it has helped to improve the overall structure as well as some important and specific details. So I wanted to introduce the guide to the NCDD community with an invitation to have a glance through it, give it a test run if you can, and please share with me any insights and recommendations you have to improve the guide.

The guide, titled A Triumph of the Spirit, builds off of the Amazing Grace of Texas companion guide, which introduced a series of “playing cards” as a way for book groups to discuss Texans’ experiences of faith. I adopted that format - with the permission of the original book’s publishers - as a way to put some of the remarkable Peace Tiles imagery created by young people to good use. In a nutshell, the guide encourages educators and artists to convene their own discussions around the HIV/AIDS epidemic and it local and global dimensions as part of a search for ways to take action….

If successful, the guide will serve as a blueprint or template for subsequent guides that address human trafficking, children in conflict, children and waste, and the growth of cities. If anyone is interested in helping to run workshops on any of these issues so that a pool of tiles from which to develop the cards is available, please drop me a line at .

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look through the guide and providing feedback!

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