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Socrates Cafe Serves Up Debate and Dialogue    

Ken Cissna sent us a link to a fun story about the Socrates Cafe in Quincy, MO, which is part of a larger Socrates Cafe Movement. In 1996 Christopher Phillips started the Socrates Cafe Movement in Montclair, NJ. The movement organizes cafe discussions using a method of philosophical inquiry that anyone could embrace and take for her or his own. This initiative proved to be very popular and provided a model for the establishment of over 150 discussion clubs that gather people together for a couple of hours and, with the help of a facilitator, applying the Socratic method, in a non-technical way, to some question that troubles them such as: What is Truth? What is Justice? What is a Philosopher?

Christopher Phillips has since written two books called Socrates Cafe and Six Questions of Socrates about his approach to philosophical discussion.

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