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Just Vision is hiring a Director of Communications & Outreach    

We heard about this job opening through NCDD member Irene Nasser, Community Outreach & Content Manager at Just Vision…

Just Vision is a nonprofit organization that informs local and international audiences about under-documented Palestinian and Israeli civilian efforts to resolve the conflict without arms. Through film, multi-media, education and strategic outreach, we support people who are fighting for freedom, dignity, security and peace through nonviolent means. We are based in Washington, D.C. with offices in Jerusalem and NYC.

Just Vision is seeking to hire a Director of Communications and Outreach to work from our D.C. office. The Director of Communications and Outreach will increase awareness about Just Vision and the Palestinian and Israeli civilian-led non-violence and conflict resolution efforts we document.  The Director of Communications and Outreach is responsible for designing and implementing Just Vision’s communications strategy using electronic, broadcast and print media, social media, as well as by developing executive and expert communications.  See the full job description on Just Vision’s news page (the post is dated 2/12/10) at

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