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Accomplishments of Najeeba Syeed-Miller Celebrated    

I just received this announcement from the Western Justice Center, which will be recognizing NCDD Board member Najeeba Syeed-Miller’s accomplishments as their Executive Director on the 29th…


Najeeba Syeed-Miller served as the Executive Director of the Western Justice Center Foundation from 2004 through 2008, and is being recognized for her invaluable contributions to building a premier institution dedicated to peaceful resolution of conflicts.  Her accomplishments will be celebrated at a community reception from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 29th at the headquarters building of the Western Justice Center Foundation, 55 South Grand Avenue in Pasadena. (Contact Abbie Genzink at by Tuesday January 27th if you would like to attend; I was asked to RSVP but I’m not sure how open it is).

During her tenure, Ms. Syeed-Miller established numerous programs that provided models for teaching conflict resolution skills development and mediation practice to children and youth.  In addition, she provided leadership in designing and implementing training programs that introduced local law enforcement and community leaders to the process of problem-solving through mediation and she oversaw the expansion of WJC programs and demonstration projects in the areas of gang violence, environmental land use issues and critical interracial community relations. The work of the Western Justice Center Foundation expanded so that the organization’s core mission to increase peaceful conflict resolution and to displace the power of violence in society was achieved in schools, in community-based organizations, and local government.

According to Board Chair, Judge Dorothy Nelson of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, “Najeeba was an integral and essential part of the successful development of an organization that has always aspired to bring substantive skill-building opportunities to children and the community at large, so that conflict prevention and resolution can be understood and practiced effectively.  We wish her success in her future pursuits and truly appreciate the time she spent with the Western Justice Center Foundation.”

For more information contact
Abbie Genzink

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