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Peace Tiles Project Seeking Feedback and Collaboration    

Sandy blogged recently about the many activities that Lars Torres has organized with his Peace Tiles project ( For World Aids Day, coming up December 1st, Lars wrote to us to ask for help and feedback on three parts of the Peace Tiles project. Lars writes:

1) Would you have a look at our AIDS discussion guide, “A Triumph of the Spirit” and provide some feedback? The aim here is to use the Peace Tiles created by children as an entry-point into discussions that illuminate various dimensions of the pandemic. The guide is available online:

2) Would you also be able to review the Workshop Design Guide, and provide some feedback on that as well? It is available for download at:

3) Would you be willing to convene your own Peace Tiles workshop, and encourage the young people you work with to reach out - share their “visual voice” on AIDS with other young people? This can be done through Peace Tiles exhibitions and exchanges.

I offer these as examples of the spirit of our work, with the hope that you’ll consider helping us to disseminate the materials to a larger international audience. Of course, if you are involved in a different way of commemorating World AIDS Day this year, I’d love to learn about that too, without exception.

Many thanks for your consideration - do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions - on email I’m at or 802-563-2757.

Warmest regards,


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