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Interfaith Encounter Association Wins International Award    

InterReligiöse Arbeitsstelle (Institute for Interrreligious Studies, or INTRA, of NorthRhine-Westphalia, Germany has selected the Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) to be the 2007 recipient of their prestigious INTR°A-Project Award for the Complementation of Religions, which includes a substantial monetary grant to further IEA’s work. Congratulations to IEA, which now sponsors over 20 ongoing dialogue groups and projects to advance and deepen interfaith understanding in the Mideast.

INTRA was founded to advance the belief that the preservation, deepening and support of one’s own religious identity and spirituality can serve as the basis for an ongoing dialogue with other faiths. The INTRA Project Award is given for advancing religious dialogue between equal partners, in an atmosphere which is free of exclusive claims to religious truth that devalue other faith communities, and in which all religious communities and individual believers are encouraged to ask what they are able to do in order to contribute to reconciliation, and how the ongoing interpretation and study of each group’s sacred texts can help in this task.

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