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UNDP Seeking Democratic Governance Research Analyst    

The United Nations Development Programme is seeking to hire a Democratic Governance Practice Research Analyst. The Research Analyst will support the Democratic Governance Practice Facilitator in maintaining the high quality of network knowledge products while also allowing for the Community of Practice to undertake new initiatives, and adapting Network Products to serve the new client base, in light of the growth in membership and commensurate rise in the level and scope of network activity. To apply, visit: To see a list of duties and responsibilities, competencies and required skills and experience, continue reading.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Contribute to the development of the Democratic Governance “Community of Practice” (thematic programme staff in UNDP country offices and HQ units) through providing support for community collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking; management of the Democratic Governance Practice Network’s external advisory group and organization of Practice events and initiatives.
* Conduct in-depth research and analysis, mainly through web and document searches and networking with Democratic Governance policy advisers and external experts, for knowledge and information needed to enhance the depth of network products and services
* Assist the Knowledge Network Facilitator with Democratic Governance Practice network moderation and preparing network products and services including: substantive research for consolidated replies to network queries;
* Responding off-line to network queries; preparing summaries of e-discussions; drafting Network News Updates.
* Liaise with external partners to identify the appropriate advisors/contacts to respond to Network queries.
* Maintain the Democratic Governance Practice Workspace through updating with relevant documents, news and web links. Liaise with Democratic Governance Group specialists and Practice members to identify new content.
* Work with the Facilitator, Regional and Group Specialists to determine the suitability of potential consultants and organizations in response to Country Office requests.
* Monitor and maintain network member lists and performance indicators. Report on Community of Practice performance and network utilization.


* Substantive experience in both knowledge management and Democratic Governance policy issues. Previous work experience with the UN and familiarity with the UN system desirable.
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; research, analytical and writing abilities and the ability to work in teams, especially those covering various disciplines
* Effective organizational and administrative skills.
* Effective web and Internet skills (knowledge of web software); knowledge of database systems and other IT applications.

Required Skills and Experience

* Post-graduate degree (MA) in development-related field.
* A minimum of three years of work experience in an international development context, including a minimum of two years of conducting higher level research on international development issues.
* Field experience with UNDP or a related development organization desirable.
* Excellent writing and editing skills in English, proficiency in at least one of the other UNDP official languages is desirable.

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