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Welcome to the NCDD Member's Network! The NCDD Members Network is not only an interactive directory of members of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, it's also a place where you can get to know each other better, share your work, discuss what you care about, and even collaborate on projects. Log in if you are an NCDD member, join NCDD if you're not, or learn about all the things you can do on the Network.

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climate change policy possibilities
By DBoyer
I have recently concluded some further developmental public discussions of the climate change possibilities I framed out of the Copenhagen Conference. The possibilities are enlarged and include more contrast. A "working paper" concerning them is now posted at my section of www.interactivit

Democratic Practice and Process Project
By DBoyer
I am collecting concepts about democratic process and practice in order to inform two panels that I will be facilitating. These panels will function, in effect, as "citizen think tanks" and will develop policy possibilities for public discussion. This will likely go way beyond "electi

New Vision, Old Realities
By RWaldon
A major and recent development in the province where I live is the Green Energy Act and its supporting regulations and programs. Among its aims are: (1) promoting the development of renewable energy sources that support the elimination of coal-burning power plants, and; (2) greater involvement in th

Welcome June's new NCDD members!
By SandyHeierbacher
Please join me in welcoming June's 20 new NCDD members! Use the search box to connect with them or learn more. Our new organizational members:    1. Tomorrow Makers, Inc. (Contacts: Todd Johnston and Gail Taylor)    2. City of Boroondara in Victori

The Psychology of Social Change
By DSchneider
I've been thinking a lot about (and recently published a book about) the individual psychological factors involved in co-creating a better future. It seems that constructive dialogue about complex issues has become more difficult in our increasingly polarized nation. It is

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