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Many of these resources were assembled by Resources Committee of the 2002 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation to help D&D practitioners and scholars improve their work, build their skills, and connect with others in the field.  These pages are all works in progress, so if you have suggestions for changes or additions to these pages, let us know ([email protected]).

Hasshan Batts of The Conflict Resolution Center in Morgantown, NC, speaks to his group during one of the large-group sessions at the 2002 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation.


Defining Dialogue & Deliberation

Describing dialogue and deliberation is harder than one might expect. The terms mean different things to different people. Here are some definitions from various leaders in the D&D community.

Why Do Dialogue & Deliberation Matter?

There are so any great organizations promoting and organizing dialogues (deliberative or not) today. Here are some of their inspiring reasons for fostering D&D.

Key Terms & Definitions

Each D&D community of practice has developed its own terminology to describe what they do. This is by far the most comprehensive list of D&D-related terms and definitions available online.

Categorizing the Practice

Our field has developed from the grassroots, and this page attempts to identify the numerous overlapping communities of D&D practice that now exist. A work in progress!

D&D Organizations & Programs

From AmericaSpeaks to the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy to the World Café…D&D programs and organizations are as varied as the problems they solve and the people they impact.

Web Resources

Some of the best online resources on D&D that are out there.

Sample Ground Rules

Eight sets of ground rules from groups that span the practice (online, face-to-face, small group, community-wide, etc.). Get ideas for your own program.

Training Opportunities

Need training in dialogue facilitation? In facilitating public participation programs? In online moderation? Interested in finding out which D&D techniques offer training programs?

Guides to Dialogue & Deliberation

How-to guides to help you organize and facilitate a D&D program on a variety of topics, utilizing a variety of models.

Books and Manuals on Facilitation Techniques

Whether you want to facilitate using Open Space Technology, Dynamic Facilitation or another specific model – or just want to improve your facilitation skills, these books are for you.

Tools of the Trade

The must-have books of our field, spanning the spectrum of practice. If you haven’t read these fabulous works, you should at least be familiar with many of them.

Understanding the Vastness and Impact of our Field

Who uses D&D, and for what purpose? What issues are addressed by D&D? And what kinds of venues do these processes take place in?


Many of these resources were first assembled for the Resources Section of the Dialogue to Action Initiative, also located here at, where many more dialogue resources can be found.

Last Updated:  April 12, 2003.