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NCDD is a new initiative, and we welcome your input, your involvement and your support. There are several ways to get involved in NCDD.  You can:

Join the Coalition
Click here for more info on how organizations and individuals can become a part of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation.

A snapshot from one of the large-group sessions at the 2002 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation.

Get Involved in One of Our Initiatives
Click here to see the various projects that we are and will be working on.

Become Active on the NCDD Online Community
Click here to register and join a variety of groups working to strengthen the D&D field.

Start a New Project
Email [email protected] if you have an idea for a new initiative, a new discussion group, or something else.

Volunteer Your Time
Email [email protected] if you are interested in helping us with administrative tasks (we especially need database support) or helping us keep the website updated (especially gathering info about events and news in the field).

Last Updated:  January 5, 2003.