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New to D&D? Start here:  What are dialogue and deliberation and how do they interrelate? What kinds of organizations & programs are fostering D&D? Where can I get trained in D&D facilitation?

Iraq Crisis Resources for D&D Leaders:  We have converted the data that we collected via the recent NCDD Iraq Crisis Forum (on D&D programs on Iraq, tips & resources for facilitators, encouraging youth D&D, background info about the crisis, etc.) into a new resource for our visitors' convenience.

Don't miss Cecile Andrews' commentary on the main page of the NCDD site. Cecile writes informally about her experience with Simplicity Circles and other dialogue-related work.

Just added to the main Community page:

Article Highlights Need and Support for Citizen Review Process
Consensus Council Seeks Senior Program Director
Call for Book Chapter Submissions
DDC Holds Researcher & Practitioner Conference
Common Ground Awards for Middle East Journalism Announced
PCP Launches Faith Quilts Project
Harwood Institute Featured on Live TV and Radio Special
National Commission Seeks to Reward Faculty for Linking Scholarship to Community Concerns

New Models Available from the Institute for Global Leadership
Proposals Sought for Arts Projects Fostering Cultural Understanding Between Islamic World and U.S.
NCL Solicits Applications for its All-America City Award
Short-Term Fulbright Grants for Faculty & Professionals
New e-thePeople Project Helps Citizens Understand Foreign Policy Debates
Conflict Management Support Specialist Positions Open in Department of Homeland Security

Just added to the Community Calendar:

Nov. 14, Vancouver, BC: Peacemaking Circles
Nov. 25, Vancouver, BC: Dialogue Maker's Network
Nov. 27, Vancouver, BC: Public Deliberation in an Adversarial World
Nov. 28-30, New York, NY: Program on Reconciliation Leadership
Dec. 10-12, San Francisco, CA: Open Space Tech. Learning Workshop
Dec. 12-14, Tiverton, RI: Reconciliation Leadership Program
Jan. 2-4, New York, NY: Reconciliation Leadership Program
Jan. 15, Boston, MA: Preparing for Constructive Dialogue
Feb. 10, Boston, MA: Inquiry as Intervention

plus many more...

Photo Credit: The terrific picture at the top of this page depicts a dialogue organized by the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (www.pcrcweb.org). Among many other things, PCRC runs a network of organizations and individuals in San Mateo County (California) who value civic engagement and public dialogue.


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