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"Can our field present a united front to the new Administration? Let's start by seeing if we can develop a set of principles for public engagement we can all endorse..."

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    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011

     In China, some affair, you also don't know somebody else in what concerns, what concerns, but the somebody else there are just too many worries. Asics shoes It as a normal film audiences, I will mention me personally cannon-fodder type constructive opinions, I think we should let the Chinese film developed, to do are:1: the implementation of film rating system. This is commonplace. 2: cancel or reform film censorship. On the Internet, books, movies, television and film censorship is the most critical, but actually movie influence often is the smallest. May also people concern film easy to generate international influence, but foreign film festival that help what have never seen, not just those things well. Now you are not allowed to clap, so some sharpened head dozen the outside also to shoot, on the one hand is to consider the foreigner's appetite, Asics running on the one hand, feel like a niubable director on one hand, also enjoy TouRen fun, straight-tempered unloosening got, along with the development of the network, we are all farmers, but at least have seen county touch kind, panic and instability caused by the culture is not forever. Anyhow, a do things are going ShuShouShuJiao rules, day and night patronage is worn forgetable what what is cannot touch of, in addition to the investor, there is an official institution may demand at any time you modify the content of the cultural field, Asics running shoes affirmation cannot welcomed true prosperity. Although these years film censorship slightly relaxing, but also far from enough. This is not the main problem of imagination, but dare think of problem. The movie is people's dream, how can you bear dreaming do half, someone tells you that you can't do this. 3: cancel or reform China film association. Although I don't know movie association is stem what of, but I know what is attracting. In our country, Asics gel the association organizations and cult harm caused by the often quite, many association seriously affect the healthy development of the thing itself, the bigger the ontology development association, the worse. Either association was the official do, straight-tempered also good point, like a dog owner since childhood, but more afraid of so-called Asics tiger non-governmental association, told the official insinuating obey, worse, this is just like master halfway up a dog. What writers' association, the China film association, photographers association, dramatist association, all sent it. The somebody else's association is to help members for benefits, support the business itself and youth development even onitsuka tiger when necessary and related forces confrontation and we do, the member of association of circle lest with master unrest, suppress young people and limiting its development, and eventually themselves became the relevant powers and maximum resistance. Such as the China film association, such a large man, but who can tell me, what on earth are they doing?


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